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The Most Certain Way To Build Wealth

When families are first introduced to us we provide a thoughtful analysis on their current investment strategy and overall wealth strategy (tax, estate, insurance, business succession, retirement, charitable, etc.). We often find that investment strategies are overly complicated and do not line up with how individuals made their money in the first place.  
The majority of wealth of affluent individuals comes from being a business owner or working in upper management at a business. We believe these families can continue to build their wealth by being the owner of a portfolio of businesses.

We’re passionate about researching companies, digging deep to gain insights that will help clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

Our Investment Philosophies

The following principles guide our investment decisions

The most certain way to build wealth is through ownership of profitable businesses

The most profitable business are difficult to live without, compete with, and replicate

The best businesses continually reinvest in themselves and are capable of paying their owners a dividend

The difference between a great business and a great investment is the price you pay

The best investments reflect conservative assumptions for future growth

What You Own and Why You Own It

Understanding what you own and why you own it is key to long-term financial success. Learn more about the businesses that help clients achieve their financial goals.

Sample Portfolio: Focused and Strategic

When we meet new families, we carefully assess their current investment plans, often finding them to be overly complicated with far too many holdings. A portfolio does not need to be complex or confusing to be successful. Our investment approach is focused and strategic — all roads lead back to growing cash flow streams that come from owning businesses around the world that are difficult to live without, compete with, and replicate.

Right for you?

Our services are optimal for those with a minimum of $2.5 million in investible assets.

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