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Empower your community and enrich lives

Make a Meaningful Impact Through Strategic Giving

Although it’s easy to simply donate your money, it’s much harder to do so in a way that maximizes its impact.

The Value Partners Charitable Foundation is a registered charity that allows you to set up a donor-advised fund. Donors can contribute assets, receive an immediate tax receipt, and recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations at their own pace—providing flexibility to strategic philanthropy.

Benefits To You

Donor-advised funds have emerged as a powerful tool, offering donors a streamlined and strategic approach to philanthropy.

Tax Benefits

Receive an immediate tax receipt for contributions to the fund, even if the funds are distributed to charities over time.


Ability to donate variety of assets (cash, stocks, real estate, life insurance, etc.) to the fund and recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations at your own pace.

Simplified and efficient

We streamline the giving process by consolidating charitable contributions into one account, and take care of all administration, government filings, and accounting.

Professionally managed

Contributions can be invested and the funds can grow tax-free over time, increasing the impact of charitable giving.


Donors can choose to remain anonymous when granting money, if they wish.

Pass on family values

We encourage clients to involve children and grandchildren in philanthropy and establish a charitable legacy by naming them as successors to continue making grants after their lifetime.

Support more causes

By pooling resources in donor advised funds, donors can support a wide range of charitable causes and organizations.

Focus on What Really Matters

We have the privilege of serving Canadian families who have the means and the desire to leave their community and the world a better place. Families who want their children and grandchildren to not just understand the importance of giving back, but to experience the joy of helping others firsthand.

Create a Positive Change

You can donate thousands of dollars to a great cause that would otherwise go to the CRA.


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