About Us

Our founding partners and ownership group consists of some of Canada’s most experienced independent financial advisors. Founded in Winnipeg in 2005, we’ve been ranked as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies for six consecutive years by Profit Magazine.

The relationship between a family and their trusted Advisor is an important one. As our name suggests, we add value to this partnership by offering investment advice that reflects the individual goals determined by you and your advisor.

Our employee team also share ownership of the business which fosters a culture of accountability to you and your advisor.

Across our Investment Committee, our internal and external* Portfolio Management teams, and staff we bring a broad range of knowledge and experience to the table:

  • 6 Certified Financial Planners/Qualified Associate Financial Planners
  • 16 Chartered Financial Analysts
  • 10 Chartered Investment Managers
  • 9 Chartered Professional Accountants
  • 6 Master of Business Administrations


As of August 31, 2022.  *Table includes professional designations of individuals at Bristol Gate Capital Partners Inc., Canso Investment Counsel Ltd., HSBC Global Asset Management Ltd., and Dixon Mitchell Investment Counsel Inc. who are involved in the investment management process for VPI Pools.  Individuals with multiple designations will be counted in multiple categories.

Our Promises to you

  1. We invest in companies that are difficult to live without, replicate and compete with, acquired at attractive prices. We believe this is the most certain way to grow your wealth.
  2. We invest alongside you.
  3. We communicate what you own and why you own it as often as you wish.
  4. We safeguard your money by employing a third-party custodian to hold your assets.

Our Corporate Relationships

  • https://vpicounsel.blob.core.windows.net/images/about-us/credential_securities_logo_greyscale.pngCustodial Services
  • Auditors
  • Legal Teams

Our Values

Invest Effectively

Allocate capital to assets that are: difficult to live without, difficult to compete with, and difficult to replicate at a conservative estimate of their value.

Communicate Clearly

Explain decisions when they are made; in plain language and to everyone affected by the decision.

Spend Responsibly

Balance the needs of our investors, employees, and shareholders and demand a return on every dollar.

Act Decisively

Do your homework, trust your judgement.

Behave Respectfully

Treat everyone the way we would wish to be treated.

Pursue Wisdom

Read. Think. Experience. And share openly.

Lead by Example

Collectively, we have over $40 million of our own money invested at Value Partners alongside clients.