Strength in Numbers
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We believe the best way to construct portfolios is to combine the philosophies of multiple investment managers who consider each individual investment opportunity from a variety of perspectives. Our clients have exclusive access to the experience and perspectives of five different portfolio management teams - two based in Winnipeg, two in Toronto and one in Vancouver. The diversity of ideas and approaches that we provide helps clients achieve their unique goals. Underpinning their own unique process and viewpoint is a shared belief system - The Value Partners Investment Principles.

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The Value Partners Investment Principles:

  • The most certain way to build wealth is through the ownership of a profitable business;
  • The most profitable businesses are difficult to live without, difficult to replicate, and difficult to compete with;
  • The best businesses continually reinvest in themselves and are capable of paying their owners a dividend;
  • The difference between a good business and a good investment is the price you pay.