VPIC Sport

We help professional hockey players before, during, and after the game.
We simplify your finances so that you can focus on your career.



VPIC Sport specifically focuses on hockey players and the challenges they face. We have total autonomy to help players as we see fit, a different client needs a different offering. We communicate with the professionals in your life to ensure everyone is working toward the same goal. All financial affairs are handled with a big picture approach.



Wealth planning. Wealth growth. Wealth protection. U.S./CAN accounts.



Budgeting & cashflow. Bill payment & auditing. Big purchase planning.



Life & disability. Cross border issues. Proper integration.



Work with U.S. and Canadian tax professionals to minimize your tax.


VPIC is not insurance licensed and does not offer insurance products or advice. Some VPIC employees are licensed to sell insurance and provide advice; however, in doing so, they are not representing VPIC.

Matt Ferraro

Lead Wealth Planner

Matt is a former BCHL goaltender who now lives in North Vancouver BC with his wife and two kids. Matt has been a financial planner for over a decade. He owns a real estate portfolio and a frozen foods manufacturer supplying major grocery stores. Matt has spent his entire life in a hockey family - he understands the lifestyle and challenges from start to finish. Overall, Matt is driven to help people avoid costly mistakes, simplify life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Kurt Jory

Lead Advisor - Client Relationship Manager

Kurt is a former WHL and CIS goaltender. He holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designations. Kurt owns and operates a Hospitality & Entertainment company in Kelowna. Following a near-fatal hockey incident, Kurt joined forces with Hockey Gives Blood to promote blood & plasma donations through the hockey community. He is passionate about helping success-driven families generate & protect their wealth.

The VPIC Sport Team

Dedicated To Transparency And Putting Clients First

We listen. We understand. We solve problems.

When working with our team, you will have all your financial affairs handled consistently with a big picture approach. We'll communicate with the professionals in your life and make certain that everyone is working towards the same goals. We do this so that you can focus on your demanding career. We simplify your life and help you stay in control.

Second Opinion Service

Getting a second opinion is a proven way to expose unnecessary risk and uncover what's really possible. That's why we offer a second opinion free of charge.

Best Case

We tell you that you are on the path to success. You win.

Worst Case / Opportunity

We show you why your portfolio and plan aren't optimal. We add value with objective advice. You win.


Our Values

Invest Effectively

Allocate capital to assets that are: difficult to live without, difficult to compete with, difficult to replicate at a conservative estimate of their value.

Communicate Clearly

Explain decisions when they are made; in plain language and to everyone affected by the decision.

Spend Responsibly

Balance the needs of our investors, employees, and shareholders and demand a return on every dollar.

Act Decisively

Do your homework, trust your judgement.

Behave Respectfully

Treat everyone the way we would wish to be treated.

Pursue Wisdom

Read. Think. Experience. And share openly.

Lead By Example

We have our own money invested alongside clients.

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